Overseas Purchases

We can now supply overseas customers at competetive shipping rates, especially where multiple purchases are made. For example, to ship one 9x6 Ventguard ( steel faceplate) to Australia costs £20 for one unit. If an order of 8 units is placed the shipping cost per plate falls to £8 per plate. The larger the order the cheaper the shipping cost per plate. This is ideal for flood/community groups who wish to purchase at a reasonable cost.

Before you purchase, you must make sure that your airbricks are suitable for our Ventguards as these are designed to fit standard UK airbricks.

Actual airbrick size 9x6 = 8.5 x 5.5 ins

Actual airbrick size 9x3 = 8.5 x 3.5 ins

Airbrick hole size = 9mm -12mm round or square


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The Ventguards are made so that they overlap beyond the edges of the airbricks. Actual Ventguard sizes are 9. 3/4 x 7. 1/4 ins (9x6) and 10.1/8 x 3.3/4 ins. (9x3)

The number of holes in the airbrick does not matter so long as there is a suitable hole at or near the centre.

For a price quotation e-mail sales@ventguard.co.uk

* The purchaser is responsible for payment of any duties or taxes which may be applied by the importing country.

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